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Having standard procedures and documenting them will be extremely useful not only for ourselves but in winning round 3 of the CSDC. Ideally next time at testing we will be able to have a folder with test, PCB release, Firmware test, and other procedural documentation to present and demonstrate that even though we are a student team we have attempted to treat this like an intrinsically safe design.

Checklists/Procedures that need to be created

  • Altium Setup
    • Settings and style for Altium Use
  • Schematic Review
    • Check process for schematic style
    • Check of common errors
    • Bill of Materials
  • PCB release
    • Gerber and NC Drill File setup
    • PCB artwork print
    • Schematic print
    • Interface Documentation (Internal and external to the boards connections and their communication protocol parameters)
  • Standard Test document
    • Some Standard document format for recording test procedure and results for documentation and presentation for competition
  • Subsystem Data Sheet Template
    • Word Template for Subsystem data sheets. (Complete, see Templates folder on box)
  • others
    • Laser Operation Procedere
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